We Sakthi Textile Engineers having an In-house facility of following Roller room m/cs to fulfill your service need for all type of Cots Mounting & Buffing.

a. Fully automated Hydraulic mounting machine:

  • To mount Alucore cots for all type of top frame comber & Lap former

b. Horizontal pnumatic Mounting machine:

  • To mount Glue on cots for all type of top frame comber & lap former

c. Vertical pneumatic mounting machine:

  • To mount Alucore/easy fit bar PVC core cots for all type of top frame comber & Lap former

d. Buffing machine:

  • Fully automatic with hydraulic attachment and wider width stone
    Semi automatic with mechanical drive narrow width stone
    Semi automatic with hydraulic drive and wider width stone
    To Suit Buffing needs for all type of Draw frame, Comber, Silver lap, Ribbon lap, Speed frame and Spinning Top rollers to the tolerance of 0.02mm in terms of Taper and Eccentricity.

e. Spiral Grooving m/c

  • To make a Spiral grooving on cots surface as per OEM recommendation 2mm width x 2mm depth


The above facility helps us to ensure our Top Roller along with any type of cots is with proper fitment with respect to the centre axis to control the concentricity level of the cots with in the tolerance of 0.02mm.


We are undertaking this job work also for our customers with nominal charges.


The above job work alone can be undertaken as a service for our customers in the name of sakthi enterprice in the same premises.


High Speed Draw Frame Courser counts
Medium counts
Fine counts
30 - 45 Days
15 - 30 Days
07 - 15 Days
3High speed Combers 30 Days
Coventional Combers 60 Days
Sliver lap & Ribbon lap 60 Days
Spining and Speed frame Depends the count pattern & Shore hardness of the cots used Vary from 45- 60 Days